Sep 25, 2009

Write for EquiTipz :: Guest Author Program (GAP)

This page is for all those who look forward to write for EquiTipz as full time co-author or just randomly as a guest author. After getting so many mails from various Blog owners, EquiTipz is officially launching the Guest Author Program. If you want to get latest updates on various topics we cover at EquiTipz please subscribe to our RSS feed or email alerts.

Under GAP, EquiTipz is inviting guest authors to write for us here. Writing for a website as a Guest Author is a way of Free Promotion of a brand, Website or a Product.

We will mention your name and your Website/Blog URL in the article.

If you are interested in writing too often for us, we also have a revenue sharing program for you, for which we will have a launch planned in the near future.

All Guest Post can be mailed across to admin[at] or you can add your articles here.

All article should be related to Stock Markets, Personal Finance, Insurance, Mutual Funds and Tax and other Investment Related areas.

You can also send us across your tips along with a detailed analysis and your web URL.


You will retain the copyright of every post you publish here but:
  • Google and other search engines hate duplicate contents. We are no exception to that. So you are not allowed to post same article here and elsewhere.
  • If you happen to post something really great that print media wants to republish in their magazine, newspaper, etc, you will be the person whose permission they will need.

Posting Guidelines:

  • You cannot copy-paste any article over web including your own articles posted elsewhere.
  • You may refer to other articles for quotes, etc but in such cases, credit must be given to original content owner.
  • There is no limit on outbound links as long as they are relevant. This is good for guest author as they can promote many posts in one article but care must be taken to avoid excessive linking which may damage quality of your post.
  • To avoid copyright violation, each new member will get a role of Contributor - You can write and send your posts here. Our editors will approve and publish the posts.

Over the time users with nice contributions will receive more privileges which means their posts will not be edited in future. Going further they may, if interested promoted to be editors which will definitely benefit them to get lots of traffic. We are also starting a revenue sharing program in the near future for which they will be given preferences.

So what are you waiting for? Send across your article now and promote your Website, Blog, Brand or Product.

Link: Click here to Write for Equitipz Now



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